Eragon (Inheritance) by Christopher Paolini: A Book Review

A good book can mean various things…to many it is a treasure. A good book to me would mean that I wouldn’t want to put it down till I’ve discovered the ending! Such is my experience with ‘Eragon’.

Eragon is an intriguing mystical tale that revolves around a boy Eragon (who is the novelist’s fifteen year old protagonist with a brave and strong personality) and his thirst for vengeance to defeat the evil ruler, the sinister king, Galbatorix who took away part of his life he cherished most – his beloved uncle who raised him and his childhood house; in pursuit of the dragon he feared would end his reign.

The book introduces the ruthless villain Shade, a monster and an apprentice of the evil king who is in search of a dragon’s egg for the wicked king who believes it would end his rule. The character Shade plays a despicable role and is a cruel and a merciless being.


Meanwhile, a boy named Eragon discovers the egg unexpectedly. He, having no clue as to what the egg contained, thinks it is a valuable stone and might bring him some money, but to his dismay, nobody is willing to buy it so he just keeps it for himself and one uncanny night, wakes up from his slumber to find a dragon emerge out of it!

Seeing this happen, momentarily, Eragon is shaken to the core. Not knowing what to do with her (the dragon) and making sure she doesn’t get harmed, he hides her in the forest. Eventually, they get closer and develop a deeper bond.


Soon after, Eragon finds that his life has changed forever; his uncle who raised him, is killed by the apprentices of the evil king in search of that egg that had already hatched. This loss breaks him and ignites in him a flame of revenge, so he and his dragon, Saphira flee to end the evil King’s rule.

Accompanied by Brom, a story teller, Eragon later discovers that he was the last of the riders, who in the story, once kept peace and tranquility wiped out by Galbatorix. On his quest to seek revenge against those who killed his uncle, Eragon learns to communicate through his mind with Saphira and Brom teaches him the art of swordsmanship and magic. But soon Eragon realizes that many rely on him to free their land and to maintain life and balance it!

Eragon to me, is a flawless masterpiece as it is not merely a mystical tale but presents each character, setting, and event in a descriptive manner. The main reason this book had me captivated and engrossed is the way each character has such relatable and universal backstory. The way the characters live through their struggles and different situations, make you feel like you are living through the story yourself. Anyone who has a passion for adventure and thriller, should get hold of this book!

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By Rabee Basit He is thirteen years old and an 8th grader who admires and holds passion for art, writing, and poetry.